Nice to meet you!

Hi! My name is Marcos, I am a Biologist and Quantitative Ecologist from Brazil, based at Universidade Federal de Alagoas, in Maceió where I work as a Lecturer and Researcher. This website works as portfolio for anyone (hopefully) interested in my work, and will easily connect you to my academic projects, repositories, channels, blogs and everything related.

If you want to ask anything or just say hi, feel free to reach me at marcosvital at gmail “dot” com.

P.S.: I’m still bulding this page, so the top menu is still inclomplete; will be fixed soon, I promise!

About me

I have a pretty much broad interest in several themes related to Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology in the Neotropics, and over the last few years I have grown concerned about Scientific Communication and Open Science. Open Science is, right now, a main driver of my research career, and its principles are slowly taken over all of our lab activities.

At the Quantitative Ecology (Laboratório de Ecologia Quantitativa, LEQ) lab I coordinate, I can rely on the most fantastic team of undergrads and grad students an advisor could ever ask for! They are all actively committed to promoting scientific literacy to a broader audience, are encouraged to pursue scientific topics that they find to be stimulating and are also engaged in fomenting R language usage among their colleagues.

I’m a big R enthusiast, and believe that by teaching it I can stimulate more people to dive into Open Science and Reproducible research. Teaching R and Biostatistics is a big challenge here in Brazil, since our students usually lack a good grounding in statistics, have no knowledge of programming logic and are usually completely scared about those topics! This only make me more stimulated to teach this with passion and constantly look for ways to make those topics interested and (why not?) fun to learn!

Quick links to our lab cool stuff

LEQ Facebook page: showcasing what we are doing, and attracting new people to our work (in Portuguese).

The Open Teach-R Project: this is an open, colabortive project. Help us to build and gather open material that can be used for those willing to teach R based courses (in English).

Hipótese Nula: our scientific outreach blog, filled with coold and fun texts from everyone from our team (in Portuguese).

Cantinho do R: my cherished biostats and R blog. Cool tutorials on several data analysis themes! (in Portuguse).

LEQ youtube channel: video lessons and tutorials (in Portuguese, but English material coming soon!).

Our Mozilla Study Group: our study group on Open Science, R and Programming.

How to create a website like this

Take a look at this awesome repository, fork it and follow the instructions inside. ;)